Purchasing or building a brand new home can have many advantages. From the obvious- everything being brand new, to other perks like better financing, a home warranty, lower monthly utility bills (from newer materials used and stricter building codes), and picking or creating the perfect house plan for your lifestyle. Our favorite reason why? The ability to personalize your home, with finishes, appliances, flooring, and even equipment, specific to your house plans, all ready on move-in day. Here are our top 5 reasons to include a fitness room during the new build process.

Fitness rooms are one of the most in-demand rooms in a new home
  1. Save time. There is no need for your clients to deal with the headaches of piece-milling a complete fitness room together, from the flooring, brands, types of equipment, etc., when time is already at a premium. Don’t leave this room as an afterthought.   
  2. Ready on move in day. Your client’s dream home should be complete on day 1. Nothing better than the satisfaction of letting them sit back and enjoy it in peace, without more work needing to be done to it after the move in day. 
  3. Customization. A room built specifically for your client. A fitness room is a very personal room, arguably one of the most in the entire house. After all, not everyone likes riding a spin bike or running on a treadmill. Into strength training? Free weights or selectorized equipment? Interested in a yoga room? Recovery and wellness items? Looking for flooring colors to match other color schemes? These are the types of decisions our expert consultants can help with, to ensure your client’s room is built to their standards (and even beyond). 
  4. The best talent and customer service. More than likely, your business will have excellent partnerships with the best trades possible, specifically those who are dedicated to new construction and who understand the complexities of the new build process. 
  5. Pricing advantages. Did you know- your clients can choose to include the equipment in their fitness room as an upgrade in their new home purchase?

If your clients have a fitness, wellness, or active recreation room in their house plans, reach out to us to have a chat about how we can help.  

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