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Looking for ways to keep your fitness room organized? Those accessories, kettlebells, weights, etc. can all start to add up quickly, especially in a home fitness room where space is at a premium.

Fortunately, in the past few years fitness equipment brands have spent a lot of resources and time creating innovative fitness storage solutions for rooms of all shapes and sizes. From space efficient, aesthetically matching (to the other pieces in your room) racks with frame color options, to versatile pieces with exercise stations, below are some of our favorite creative fitness storage solutions for your dream home gym.

Life Fitness SAR

Part of the Signature Series family, this awesome piece from Life Fitness comes standard with 3 flat shelves, ball storage (slam, weighted, or medicine) and accessories strap hooks. The flat storage shelves are great for kettlebells and dumbbells, both hex and round, recovery items, and additional accessories and items (phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, etc.). The base unit is only 25” wide, so it can fit in tight spaces, and you can add a variety of attachments to both sides of the unit including mat, foam roller, dumbbell, bosu, and stability ball storage. The sleek, curved frames and frame color options make this piece even more unique (frame color options are typically uncommon with storage products).

Life Fitness SAR

Escape Fitness Rack5

At less than 2 feet wide, the Escape Rack5 helps maximize your storage using minimal floorspace while also looking great (in typical Escape fashion). This stand-alone storage rack comes with 5 shelves that are each fully adjustable in 50mm (or ~ 2 inches) increments, so you can rearrange the shelves to best suit your equipment. Suitable for medicine balls, Bulgarian bags, kettlebells, sandbags, corebags, foam rollers, slamballs, vertballs, and more. Each shelf has a connecting hole on its back face, allowing you to bolt two RACK5s together to double up on storage, or add the mat rack attachment to the spine of the RACK5 to store your stretching and yoga mats.

Escape Fitness Rack5 loaded with accessories
Escape Fitness X Rack 2.0

Life Fitness Synrgy S180

The Synrgy S180 is a state-of-the-art modular storage system that can be custom-configured as a simple single-bay training rig or even expanded to be a full-room, multi-bay system with a variety of workout elements plus storage. The space saving design (48” depth from wall) doubles as a wall-adjacent accessory storage unit and functional training rig, with awesome customizable features including pull up grip options (suspension trainer, multi-grip, rock ball chin), Powerblock storage, a wall ball target, power pivot, rope pull station, and even a heavy bag anchor (not compatible with power pivot). Add battle rope anchors and even pick the right type of accessory storage shelving (shelf, dumbbells, bosu+dumbbells, and more) that fits the products in your room the best.  Available in multiple frame colors and in both free-standing and bolt down options, this is the perfect combo piece for your dream fitness room. Contact us to have a chat.

Life Fitness Synrgy S180
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