Yoga Room Flooring

If you are building a yoga room in your dream home, we’ve got you covered. One of the most important elements in a yoga or wellness room is its flooring, and we have the right solutions found in some of the world’s best locations (if you hit a local yoga center, chances are you have used the exact same flooring).

Yoga Room Flooring Solutions


At 7.5mm (or roughly .30”) thick, Ecore’s Bounce 2 is our bestselling option for yoga and wellness rooms. It has a synthetic concrete and wood-grain surface which is fusion bonded to Ecore’s signature performance rubber backing (for impact absorption and energy restitution). The surface layer is a high-quality vinyl, which makes it sweat resistant, super easy to clean and allows for 6 awesome color options including slate, sandstone, graphite, chocolate, wheat, and chestnut. The surface is also non-granular, so you can place your hands on the flooring and it will be smooth, in the event you are training off your mat or doing other exercises on the floor.


On average, Ecore’s products contain 62% post-consumer recycled content (items that were once used). They pride themselves on “upcycling” which is the process of taking a material at the end of its life and converting it into something else, instead of completely throwing it away. For example, Ecore diverted more than 111 million pounds of truck tires from landfills in 2020.

They also design and manufacture most of their products in the U.S.A., a rarity these days, and have even developed exclusive, state of the art equipment and manufacturing processes specifically designed to improve the quality of their products and increase energy efficiency. By incorporating these proprietary methods, Ecore can use 40% less energy than standard industry procedures.

To read more about their environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing, click here.


We want your room to look as perfect as possible and invest in the resources to make sure of that.  We offer complimentary seam placement takeoffs with all our projects (min. 200 square feet), as well as free samples, sample books for builder design centers, and more. Contact us to have a chat about your next yoga or wellness room.

Seam take offs provided for your gym flooring
Seam placement takeoffs provided
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