Gym Flooring

One of the most important pieces of any fitness room is the gym flooring. Properly investing (time and money) in this portion of a fitness room can save your clients in the long run and give a room that premium amenity look and feel. In addition to proper protection of the room’s sub flooring, there…

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3 Health Club Trends To Watch In 2023

A health club can be a great source of inspiration for a home fitness room. From design trends, flooring, equipment, and the brands being used, you can bring home quite a bit from these applications and apply them to your home gym.

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6 Key Factors To Account For In A Fitness Room Design

Things to consider in your fitness room design

Building a fitness room in your new home? A custom fitness room design can make your room perfect and save you from future headaches. Here are a few factors to consider that can make or break your fitness room, if not properly planned for. Roombldr isn’t just a supplier… Our experienced team can help design…

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