Exercise Room Designer

At Roombldr, we’re excited to help our customers achieve their health goals with the assistance of a personalized exercise room. With the right tools and equipment, you can enjoy a fitness routine that you will be excited to use when taking time out of your day to exercise. We want to help you create a space that keeps you challenged and excited, and also gets you coming back for more.

Did you know— electrical placement, ceiling heights, equipment live areas, and sub flooring can all factor into the design of your room? Don’t worry, we are here to make things safe and easy.

Improve the quality of your health with an expansive fitness room with the help of a fitness room designer from our team. We have a deep knowledge of exercise rooms and the equipment that can take your fitness to a new level. Read on to learn more about our services and how we can help you create the exercise room of your dreams.

A Fitness Room Designer You Can Trust

Roombldr uses the same partners, products and processes that have supplied and designed some of the most innovative and high use facilities in the country, including hotels, gyms, and country clubs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to learning the aesthetics of your floor plan and creating an exercise room that perfectly matches your home’s interior.

We start with a one on one consultation where we will discuss your exercise goals, your budget, and your space. From there, we can provide you with a detailed installation plan including the equipment you will need and what will fit best in your exercise room. Our combined decades of industry knowledge helps us recommend the best pieces for your space, not just for aesthetic purposes but also items you will get the most use out of.

We pride ourselves in creating custom, unique, and innovative fitness rooms that our customers will love to use. You can trust us to meet your budget and listen to your exercise goals so that your fitness room will only include the equipment that you need. We’re excited to help you take control of your health with a completely furnished fitness room.

A Team of Exercise and Design Experts You Can Count On

Reach out to Roombldr today to learn more about our personalized fitness room design services and get started on creating the exercise room that you have always envisioned. For more helpful information, reach out on our contact page to schedule a virtual consultation.




The fitness equipment world is full of variety, which at times can be overwhelming. One of the most important elements when it comes to your fitness room is the right equipment selections. We want to make sure your gym room and the equipment in it keeps motivating you. By leveraging our industry knowledge and partnerships, we know what new products are being placed in the most high use and modern facilities in the world, and will make the best recommendations to help you with your fitness goals. Not just for the short term, but for the long term. Check out some of our vendor partners.


We are one of the first companies to take a modern design approach to creating a home exercise room. We offer certain premium fitness equipment with frame color options, in order to give your room that truly custom and unique feel similar to your other rooms in your house. Looking for streaming classes or Apple Watch connectivity? We have choices with with state of the art console options that cater to your exercise needs. Check out our Instagram page for more cool info.


These all factor in to a properly designed fitness room. Partner with an industry expert to help you build a safe, creative, and modern workout space. One of the coolest things about the software we use is that it factors in exercise equipment live areas, which means the space recommended when using your equipment. For example, some strength pieces have exercises that have you out in front of the machine (think bear crawls, functional training movements, etc.), while other pieces actually move throughout the exercise range of motion and end up needing more space than just their dimensions.


We source creative and unique solutions from workout tiles, eco friendly rubber flooring, vinyl rolls, and even turf options. Similar to our fitness equipment selections, we have partnered only with some of the best and most reputable vendors in the fitness industry. Did you know— your exercise room sub flooring should be properly addressed before the installation of gym flooring and fitness equipment? Let us help you complete your full exercise room with state of the art flooring.