Benefits of a sled workout, and what to consider when building a turf run.

One of the toughest and most efficient workouts you can do is a sled workout. It can knock out both your cardio and strength at the same time while dramatically improving your power, speed, and endurance. If you have ever done a workout using a sled, you probably remember how it felt (all over). Wondering exactly what sled exercises are good for?… We have some answers.

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Benefits of a sled workout

Here are a few of the awesome benefits a sled workout can have.

  • A sled push is a low impact exercise, which can be easier on your body in the long run and also be beneficial for those who have joint pain or injuries.
  • Sleds can be used for a variety of exercises such as pushing, pulling, dragging, and loaded carries, which can provide a full body workout.
  • Sled workouts are great for sprint training.
  • Pushing a sled requires a significant amount of effort, which can lead to an increase in cardiovascular fitness and endurance.
  • Sled exercises can be intense and demanding, which can help to improve overall conditioning and improve the ability to perform other types of exercises.
  • Pushing a heavy sled can help to build strength and power in the legs, core, and upper body.
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What To Consider When Building A Sled Area

Sold on the benefits of a sled workout and are interested in adding a dedicated sled training area in your client’s next fitness project? Here are a few key factors to consider, which we can help with.

  • Minimum square footage. Most turf roll lengths need to be purchased in minimums. Typically, a 4 ft x 15 ft area will do it.
  • Type of sled. Did you know that the type of sled you select could have a major impact on the life and durability of your turf? Some sleds are more prone to tearing than others.
  • Type of turf. With so many options available, how do you know which is best for your intended use? Turf backing, infill requirements, turf reaction, sub flooring, and maintenance all factor in when selecting the right product. Don’t worry, we streamline our offerings and know exactly what products are used by some of the best and most high use facilities in the world, in order to give your clients the absolute best finished product possible.
  • Color and customization. We have options available! Reach out to learn more
Turf color and logo options available, with minimums
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