6 Key Factors To Account For In A Fitness Room Design

Building a fitness room in your new home? A custom fitness room design can make your room perfect and save you from future headaches. Here are a few factors to consider that can make or break your fitness room, if not properly planned for.

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A look at one of our 3d fitness room designs

Ceiling Heights

Arguably one of the biggest influencers of equipment selection and placement in your fitness room. Looking for a functional trainer for your room? Make sure you have adequate ceiling heights not just for the equipment frames, but for the pull up bar (and your head when pulling up). Planning on using plyometrics boxes? Or a stepmill? We can help make the right recommendations for your fitness room. Your home builder may even give you ceiling height options in your plans, always go higher if you can.


Don’t want to trip the power in your house while running on your treadmill? Or want to have to unplug the power cord every time you are done using your equipment in your room? Our expert fitness room designers know the electrical requirements, equipment power cord lengths, and more.


Your subflooring, intended use, and even climate can all have an impact on the type of flooring selections for your room. Add some color to your flooring to give your room that premium amenity look and feel. Here are some ideas from Pinterest.

Expert 2d and 3d design services. A look at our flooring takeoffs.

Mirrors and Windows

Another major factor in the placement and selection of the equipment in your fitness room. Want your cardio facing the windows? Or your strength area facing the mirrors? (hint, you probably do).

Equipment Live Areas

As we mentioned above, it’s not just your equipment frame dimensions that you need to look at… It’s also the equipment live area, or the recommended space surrounding the equipment needed for exercises while using. Our state-of-the-art software factors in these live areas (among other things) to help ensure your room is designed as perfectly as possible.

Color Schemes

Have you ever seen a fitness room that looks like an afterthought? Mis-matching pieces, cheap black rubber flooring, etc. Our curated solutions give you frame and floor color options to make your fitness room look as beautiful as all the other rooms in your house.

Things to consider in your fitness room design
Key things that can influence your fitness room

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