Nowadays, your business has a wide variety of buying options. From retailers, commercial dealers, manufacturers, and even ecommerce companies, everyone wants a piece of the pie. But they may not all be the right choice to help you succeed. Here are a few key advantages of working with a dedicated supplier.

Streamlined processes built for your business

A dedicated supplier can offer a simple and convenient one-stop shop with the right processes in place to help everyone succeed. Every manufacturer has different and unique intricacies, from minimum orders to freight requirements, or even just to fulfill service requests. We know who to call, what to do, and the realistic expectations to set upfront to help ensure a smooth experience. If you are a Home Builder and are building in multiple states- no need to find a company in all your markets. We will work with your team to keep things streamlined, consistent, and as easy as possible for you and your clients in each market.

Local sales support

Working with an industry expert can help ensure you are offering the best products and are adequately informed while doing so. From sales training, design ideas, service support, local showrooms, and even for grassroots marketing ideas, a supplier can be a great resource and partner.

Price advantages

The best suppliers will likely source directly from a wide variety of brands and manufacturers across different categories, providing competitive pricing and also bundling advantages. Specifying multiple types of products and services to a wide variety of customers? One single streamlined source will make things easier and potentially even more profitable, with price advantages for your clients as well. 

Product portfolio

The right and best choices. The best and newest products are sometimes hard to find. The most successful suppliers will dedicate substantial time and effort to finding the right products to offer, and not solely for their profit margins. Traditional brick and mortar retailers and even ecommerce companies will sometimes push you towards buying products they have in stock at their warehouses (that they have likely been financially incentivized to buy) even though they may not be the perfect fit for you. 

Roombldr was created specifically for Home Builders, with a goal to be your long-term partner in the category, dedicated to helping your business succeed. Reach out to one of our team members to have a chat about how we can help you offer new and fun rooms. 

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