Outdoor Recreation Areas- From Fitness to Courts

If you are fortunate enough to have outdoor areas to design in your new home, we have got you covered with the best products and materials available. From outdoor fitness to fun sport options for the whole family such as pickleball, basketball, tennis, or even golf. Here are some great ideas to consider for your next project. 

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Recreational Turf Area

Create an open area for soccer, football, sled pushes and more with our state-of-the-art turf options. We have solutions that don’t require infill and even have performance backing built-in for added cushioning. Did you know- certain turf even tends to tear more than others when using workout sleds? Don’t worry, we source from the right brands with the best products found in some of the world’s most high-use applications.

Outdoor Fitness

One of the fastest growing categories within the fitness industry, outdoor fitness has evolved from basic pullup bars and sit-up benches to innovative, fun, and design conscious options and accessories.

Vendor Spotlight: BeaverFit. A veteran owned and operated manufacturer of fitness equipment based out of Nevada, BF is the nation’s largest supplier of fitness equipment to the armed forces. They have adapted their patented and innovative solutions for the commercial and home sectors, with awesome products such as portable container gyms to unique storage benches and outdoor racks and rigs.

BeaverFit Gym Box

Sleds, Battle Ropes, & More

Escape Fitness Barrow

Sport Courts

Vendor Spotlight: Versacourt. American made, extremely versatile, outdoor, and indoor sport court tiles available in a variety of colors with more game lines, accessories, and custom decorating options than virtually anyone in the industry. This is a great option for basketball, pickleball, tennis, and more court games.

Putting & Chipping Greens

We supply indoor/outdoor golf turf materials for home golf courses, tee lines, backyard putting and chipping greens. Build your dream golf oasis at home with the best materials available on the market.

Basketball Hoops

Professional grade, adjustable or fixed, in-ground or wall-mounted options from the world’s best manufacturers.

*Note we do not currently have installers for all these items in all our markets. Reach out to one of our specialists for more info.

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