Benefits of suspension training, and reasons to include a body-weight training area in your next fitness room

Body-weight (or suspension) training can make for a simple, effective option in your home gym that provides new, challenging workouts with great benefits. In fact, body-weight exercises are considered more functional than traditional strength training gyms, using more muscles and joints at a time while having to balance better, among other things. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to incorporate body-weight training into your next home gym project. 

Reasons to incorporate a suspension training area

✅ Cost efficient- for less than $200 you can essentially have an efficient strength training set up in your fitness room.

✅ Space friendly- mount to your ceiling, wall, or even hang from your functional trainer. Most exercises can be accomplished in a 3 x 6 area.

 Versatile- hit a variety of muscle groups on your own or with the help of a trainer. Some brands (such as TRX) even have their own digital training programs and online exercise libraries to help you along your journey. 

Contact us for creative solutions and ideas on how to add a suspension training area in your next home gym project.

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