Are you searching for flooring that looks modern but has some cushioning to it? Check out this awesome new product called Heritage Motivate from Ecore International, a leading manufacturer of gym and wellness flooring, that looks like the very popular luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring but with performance backing for better energy absorption and restitution.

LVP Gym Flooring

LVP meets gym flooring. Plank dimensions: 7mm thick, 6” or 6.25” W x 48” L

A 5mm VCR (vulcanized composition rubber) base layer plus an on-trend 2mm vinyl layer with a wood emboss make this product look and feel great. The VCR base layer also adds acoustics benefits, with no need to add any additional sound control underlayment. This product is ideal for gyms, offices, or even basements (especially if you have kids).

Domestic & Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Ecore goes to great lengths to ensure that the manufacturing process and products are safe for the environment, community, and people who interact with their items. By diverting more than 111 million pounds of truck tires from landfills (in 2020) and conserving around 17.5 million gallons of water each year, Ecore is committed to operating with environmentally friendly manufacturing practices at the forefront. On average, their products contain 62% post-consumer recycled content, which is substantially high compared with traditional gym flooring. Find more of their certifications and declarations here.

Easier To Install & Service

Heritage PVT is quicker to install than most traditional gym flooring, and easier to service than your regular LVP. If there is damage to a plank, you simply remove that one plank and replace it (they’re not all intertwined & connected). Save time and money while having an awesome-looking, better-performing product. That sounds pretty good, right?

Available in 10 on-trend colors

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Micky Schlagel

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