Love it or hate it, outdoor turf is likely to soon be one of the more popular, new building materials used in residential construction. Fueled by increased state regulations around water usage and yard maintenance, as well as improved product options from turf manufacturers, it is safe to assume most new builds will have some portions of or even all of the home’s yard made entirely from synthetic material. But its not as bad as it sounds… Turf products have improved substantially in looks, quality, durability, and even price. Gone are the days of your grandma’s turf.

If you are considering options for your next project, read below for some helpful tips and ideas on where to start.  Contact us for swatches and pricing.


From Bentgrass to Bermuda look-a-likes, outdoor turf has improved drastically in aesthetics throughout the past few years. Almost indifferentiable from real grass, some options even feature multi-color blends which provide a truly authentic look and feel, better resembling a natural lawn. 

*Please note, our synthetic turf offerings do not have polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).


Infill most commonly adds ballast and also helps weigh your turf down, helping it avoid shifting, lifting and wrinkling. Depending on the selection, your turf product may require it (this is also a great place to start, as you may want something without this altogether). There are different types of infill recommended for different types of turf, so make sure to speak with a representative about your selection.


Typically aggregate or concrete, your area’s subsurface will be a key determining factor in your selection (most of our products work well with a compacted aggregate base). From outdoor (weather and UV resistance), pool (waterproof), golf, to pet-friendly (easy-to-clean) options, we’ve got you covered.


We have some great looking options with performance features built-in, for added absorption, safety, and acoustics benefits. Looking for a sled training area, or a dedicated place for your outdoor strength-training? No problem.

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