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If you are looking around for exercise equipment, chances are the equipment brand you are evaluating will give you some kind of console options to choose from with your base selection (treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc). From live fitness classes to app streaming options, there are some cool features currently available on exercise equipment consoles that will keep you engaged, entertained, and going back for more. 

Life Fitness, one of the world’s largest health club suppliers and fitness equipment manufacturers, has some of the better console options available in addition to having the best hardware (equipment) choices. Below we are highlighting two of their console options, the SE3HD and the SL consoles, which are only available on their premium cardio equipment

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Our favorite, the recently redesigned SL console has a sleek design along with modern connectivity features including Apple Watch capabilities (track your workouts outdoors and indoors). We like this option because it looks great, is more cost effective than the SE3HD console, gives you over 15 workouts (over 20 on the treadmill), and syncs with Bluetooth devices (along with your smartwatch). It also has a USB port to charge your device, and the buttons react quickly to adjust the speed/incline levels you are aiming to reach (great for interval training). 

Life Fitness SL Console
Screen Treadmill: Calories, Distance, Incline, Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Speed, Pace, Average Heart Rate. Elliptical Cross-Trainer and Bikes: RPM, Speed, Calories, Distance, Time Remaining, Time Elapsed, Level, Watts, Heart Rate. Arc Trainer: SPM, Speed, Calories, Incline, Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Level, Watts, Distance, Heart Rate. 
Workouts Treadmill- 22, Cross-trainers- 1, Bikes- 17, Arc Trainer- 15
Entertainment N/A
Connectivity Apple Gym Kit, Bluetooth® audio, BLE, ANT+, NFC and Polar®, Apple Watch®, AndroidTM and Apple® phones
Heart Rate Monitoring Polar And Bluetooth Compatible
Life Fitness SL Console Video


If you want an engaging and modern console loaded with features to keep you motivated, this is it. The SE3HD console is a high-definition, touchscreen console featuring over 500 workouts and experiences (the interactive terrains are awesome). This is as good as it gets in the exercise equipment console game. Engaging layouts, simple discoverability and a host of other digital features including streaming apps (Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, etc.), the Discover SE3 HD console is a premium exercise equipment console that tracks your workout (smart watch compatible), offers real life courses and provides a variety of entertainment options such as T.V., web browsing, and Life Fitness On Demand

Life Fitness SE3HD Console
Screen Speed, Incline, Heart Rate (current, average, max), Pace, Elapsed Time, Time Remaining, Time in Zone, Time of Day, Distance, Distance Climbed, Distance Remaining, Calories, Calories/HR, Watts, METs. 
Workouts 6 Interactive courses, time, distance, calories, climb, HR, intervals, 7 fit tests, plus over 400 on demand workouts via Life Fitness On Demand. 
Entertainment Video streaming apps, Lifescape and RunSocial (treadmills), RideSocial (non-treads), interactive courses, TV, integration with popular fitness apps
Connectivity Apple Gym Kit, Bluetooth® audio, BLE, ANT+, NFC and Polar®, Apple Watch®, AndroidTM and Apple® phones
Heart Rate Monitoring Polar And Bluetooth Compatible
Life Fitness SE3 Console Video

These are just a few of the exercise equipment consoles available, but they are our favorites. We recommend speaking with one of our consultants to make sure your selections will help you achieve your exercise goals.

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